Lithotripsy (ESWL) Extra Corporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy

What is Lithotripsy (ESWL)?

Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy (E.S.W.L.) is self-possessed of three words combination

1. Extracorporeal (Extra-Outside & Corporeal-body)

2. Shock wave (Ultrasonic/Sound Waves)

3. Litho+Tripsy (Litho-Stone) & (Tripsy-Crushing)

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It means the stones present in Urinary tract are crushed into small sand-like particles, by harmless ultrasound shock waves, applied over the skin. These risk-free shock waves make contact with the stone by penetrating through skin surface painlessly and spotlight on the stone after travelling through water media of body tissues. In this procedure, there is no need for anaesthesia or any other surgical intervention. Then these fragmented particles of kidney stone are passed through urine naturally. The Lithotripsy unit is called “Lithotripter” developed in Germany in 1980. For Consultation Contact 0300 943 493 0

Lithotripsy Machine

How is Lithotripsy Performed?

This procedure is exceptionally simple, convenient and easy. The patient just walks into the lithotripsy room and lies on a soft table. Water filled balloon touches the posterior abdominal wall like a soft cushion and multiple images of stone come into view on the TV monitors. The stone breaks into pieces in minutes. The patient walks out of the room with a pleasing face and starts the usual life on the same day. The procedure may be repeated more than once for hard and big stones. You can view our Lithotripsy Procedure video or by clicking this link; or you can visit the khan kidney hospital Lahore youtube channel playlist.

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Lithotripsy is harmless (No side Effects)

Some people may assume that if these shockwaves can mash a stone, why don’t these smash up the body, as the tissues of the body are more weak than stone? The answer is that our body contains 60-70% water content. The characteristic of the Lithotripsy waves is that these can easily travel all the way through water without confrontation but while passing through the stone which is devoid of water, lot of conflict is created and mechanical energy is generated which produces multiple cracks in a stone, and then transforms it into small sand-like particles, without injurious the neighbouring body tissues. These harmless & safe shockwaves are absolutely different from harmful ultraviolet rays used in radiotherapy for various cancers. The shockwaves used for stone crushing are also biphasic ultrasound waves and are absolutely harmless for human body.

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Why harmless & safe ESWL is better than invasive treatment options like URS, PCNL and open surgery?

The complications and hazards of invasive procedures or open surgery are as follows

1. Bleeding leading to anemia

2. Haematuria (Blood in the urine)

3. Urinary tract injury & infection

4. Fever, wound infection, septicemia

5. Blood transfusion hazards, hepatitis and Aids transmission.

6. Complications of general anesthesia

7. Ugly scar due to ruthless surgery

8. Hospital stays and prolongs bed rest due to brutal surgery.

ESWL is non Invasive procedure as it is performed over the skin, no anaesthesia, no incision or cut and hospital admission is made. So the patient is safe from all these above-mentioned hazards and complications of URS & Open surgery.

So kindly don’t go through the brutal surgical interventions and opt noninvasive procedure like ESWL.

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Patient suitable for ESWL?

1. All patients with well functioning kidney are suitable candidates for ESWL.

2. Patients of all ages especially aged people can avail this God gifted facility

3. Patients suffering from hypertension (high blood pressure), diabetes, hepatitis, cardiac issues, unfit for surgery due to any reason

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Cost effectiveness of ESWL

The charges for the whole procedure of ESWL up to the clearance of the stone are two third less than URS and open surgery. It means invasive procedures like URS and open surgery are more expensive than ESWL.

Why kidney stones are made

  1. Low water intake
  2. More perspiration (sweating)
  3. Dehydration (Deficiency of water in the body)
  4. Hot weather and prolonged summer season
  5. Low urinary output
  6. Concentrated urine
  7. Specific diet (High protein diet like red meat and beans)
  8. Kidney infection (Urinary tract infection)
  9. Urinary tract obstruction leading to stasis of urine
  10. Congenital anomalies (narrow ureter, double ureter, horseshoe shape kidney)
  11. Metabolic causes
  12. High levels of stone-forming elements in blood
  13. High levels of stone-forming elements in urine
  14. Changes in the ph level of urine
  15. Hyperactivity of glands (thyroid & parathyroid)
  16.  Inherited tendency, strong family history
  17. If you want to learn more about kidney stones types, their causes and prevention you can click this link

Why kidney stone removal is necessary

Presence of kidney stones is serious and frightening condition, which can lead to one of the following ultimate results

  1. Stones can damage the kidney itself
  2. Can cause hypertension (high blood pressure)
  3. Can cause kidney infection (Pyelonephritis)
  4. Can cause urinary tract blockage leading to hydronephrosis & anuria (loss of urinary output)
  5. Long-standing urinary tract obstruction can lead to loss of kidney function or even kidney shrinkage
  6. Kidney failure leading to dialysis

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Does ureter stone can be treated with ESWL

Yes stones in the ureter can also be treated with ESWL efficiently with our state of the art lithotripter. For Consultation Contact 0300 943 493 0

That is why kidney stones should be given priority for the sake of your health. if you want to see the Lithotripsy animation video you can click this link or visit our khan Kidney Hospital Lahore youtube channel